Melissa bent over row with kettle bell


Erick pushup on dumbells


Growing up Mélissa spent lots of time on her road bike, it didn’t matter how far it was, and she loved the freedom. She was mostly playing basketball and ball hockey in the neighbourhood, she also enjoyed soccer.

She was a waitress for 14 years because she wanted to serve people. When a customer was having a bad day, she made it a personal goal to make that person smile.

She would go to the gym and do her best to stay fit, but it was not a passion, she felt that something was missing. Around 2011, she heard about CrossFit and she decided to try it, she completely loved it. CrossFit gave her many challenges and it literally changed her life, in a positive way. It gave her confidence and self-esteem that she didn’t have before. Right away she felt welcome in the CrossFit family. One day, she decided to go for a career change; she wanted more challenges and wanted to see the world so she joined the Canadian Armed Forces. Mélissa was posted in the Comox Valley beginning of January 2015 where she learned her second language, English. She met her husband, Erick, while they were both doing CrossFit. She is currently retired from the army. She is staying here in the Valley to pursue her new dream of helping people live a healthier life. Currently she is coaching Nutrition and CrossFit. Whatever your goals are, to get fitter, healthier, lose weight, move better, gain some self-confidence, Etc., let her know, she is more than happy to do team work with you, she says: “together we will create goals, and achieve them one step at the time. We will celebrate the milestones and all the hard work”.


Erick was born and raised in the Comox Valley, he grew up in a large family of 9 children and loved being active. He played any sport that he could but his main love was hockey, ice hockey, street hockey, roller hockey, just never got around to grass hockey.

Beyond sports he loved to go hiking and camping and enjoying the beautiful wilderness that we get to call home. Hockey and sports were put to the side when he went to college and that caused him to feel out of shape and lethargic. After college he knew he needed to find a way to be active again. While trying many different activities it wasn’t until he dropped into a CrossFit class that he knew he had found a great and fun way to stay active while meeting new people. Right away he loved the positive atmosphere and the challenge of a hard workout with a good group of people. He met many friends through CrossFit and even met his wife in class.

Very shortly after finding CrossFit he knew that one day he wanted to open up a gym and be coaching and helping people full time. He was lucky enough to be able to coach part time classes and hone his skills as a coach. During this time he found out how much he loves to see everyone succeed and grow in confidence. One of his major passions is helping improve the quality of life for seniors so they are able to enjoy their retirement years even more.

Erick cares deeply about all of the members of the gym and wants them all to succeed in achieving their goals no matter how large or small they may seem.

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses