How fit do I need to be to do CrossFit?

How fit do I need to be to do CrossFit?

Have you asked yourself the question, how fit do I need to be to do CrossFit? Maybe a variation of it? I need to loose weight before I start CrossFit! I will start with (x program) before I start CrossFit so I’m fit enough.

Maybe you’ve seen the CrossFit documentaries on Netflix and thought to yourself, there is no way I could ever do that!?! Or possibly you’ve got a friend that does CrossFit and you’ve decided you could never keep up with them… I’m here to tell you that is not true.

We all have some level of fitness some more other less but we all start with some. If you can get in the door, and your doctor clears you for physical activity you’re good to go.

You are fit enough for CrossFit

At CrossFit Constant Conditioning our coaches specifically tailor each workout to the individual. We do this in order to achieve the same stimulus in each member despite differing fitness levels. This is how we ensure each member is still progressing along their fitness journey.

Our program is constantly varied which keeps things interesting and never boring. Some days will be well rounded others will have a specific focus towards strength or cardio (We will get into why in a future blog). In the long term our goal for each member is health and vitality. At the end of each class we want you to feel accomplished and ready to take on the next challenge that the world throws your way.


Any fitness level can do CrossFit as all the movements are infinity scale-able. All you need is the will power to get yourself through the doors, we do the rest.

How do I start CrossFit?

Starting anything new is intimidating, but the most intimidating things quite often end up being the most rewarding.

We offer a Free no strings attached consultation and class so you can see our facility meet our members and experience what a CrossFit class is like. Take your first step on this journey and schedule your Free intro Class & Consultation you won’t regret it!

We were recently part of a case study for PushPress (the company that provides our membership software). We are excited to be working with them. For some additional reading check out the case study here.

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