Why I wanted to be a Nutrition Coach

Why I wanted to be a Nutrition Coach

My dad and my brother like telling jokes which is completely normal, most dads and brothers do. When I was younger (around 10 years old), they use to tell me that I was huge and eating way too much. They thought it was hilarious to make the same jokes over and over. Because I was hearing that multiple times a day, somehow, I did not understand that it was ironic. The truth, I had no idea how extremely skinny I was. My vision of myself in the mirror was wrong, it was irrational. I had zero self-esteem.

My struggle with food

When I was 12 years old, I use to eat ¼ of a toast for breakfast, I use to answer that I was eating lunch with my Olympic Lifting class that I was taking during lunch time. The truth was I was dropping my lunch bag in the garbage can and going directly to my only happy place at school, the lifting class. For supper, I was eating my veggies I always have been a veggies lover and I was getting 1 bite, max 3 of the protein we had in our plate and I was dropping everything else in the garbage can.

That summer I had a serious accident, riding my bike, I got hit by a car. I was told that I could never enjoy sports anymore and that I will always limp. I got a very talented and caring physio. Him and my dad have changed my life. They taught me that hard work pays off, that perseverance is a must. It was an extremely long journey, but they did everything in their power to help me to get back on my feet. It worked; I am forever thankful to those two-great people. At the hospital, they kept watching me during mealtime, I got in trouble multiple times, everybody was concerned with how little I was eating, the nurses, my parents, the doctors, … Going back home, my dad was still watching me nonstop during mealtimes.

My self-esteem got better one step at the time, the gym and sports helped a lot.

How CrossFit Helped

My transformation through Crossfit
Before starting CrossFit and having an unhealthy relationship with food, to June 2020 loving food, fitness and life!

When I was about 25 years old, I was 90lbs, I fell in love with CrossFit. Challenging myself in a workout has been awesome for my self-esteem. It did not take too long before I started to eat more. After a few weeks of doing CrossFit I started wanting food and loved it. I started to understand the importance of eating. Over time I gained not only self-esteem, but also weight (mostly muscle mass). I felt a lot better in my own body and became happier.

When I was 29 years old, I moved here to the wonderful Comox Valley and I found my husband Erick. Together, we decided to follow our dream and we opened our own gym CrossFit Constant Conditioning in September 2018. I thought it would be fantastic to help people to get healthier and move better. However, something was missing.

Nutrition is the base of all Sport. That is why I wanted to be a Nutrition Coach.
Nutrition is the Base of all Sport

Nutrition Coaching

As much as I love CrossFit and the results people get from it I know that we can do better. I want to give more; not only do I want to influence more people, but I want them to see faster and better results. I want them to learn to life a healthy balanced lifestyle.

This is why I wanted to be a Nutrition Coach. We base our nutrition program off of simple to follow steps that will not leave you hungry or wishing you could eat more. No “Fad Diets” here!

I’m excited and ready to help you on your journey to becoming a healthier happier you!

~ Mélissa Peterson
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